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    Jacob Elordi Talked About Nate's Sexuality On "Euphoria" And Why He Doesn't Approach The Character In That Way

    "I never really approach it in terms of sexuality."

    While watching Euphoria, you may have a lot of questions — such as, what is Nate Jacobs' deal, anyway?

    Nate Jacobs looks over his own shoulder

    In an interview with Variety, Jacob Elordi says he's kept journals just to establish who Nate is — but he's not sharing them with anyone.

    Jacob looks in the distance while wearing a leather jacket

    “There are a plethora of things," he explained, "but if I shared them you’d know what goes on behind Nate’s eyes, and I’d ruin it for myself."

    Jacob puts his hands on his hips

    Jacob also responded to a question about Nate's sexuality, saying that he doesn't necessarily think about it while acting as the character.

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    “I never really approach it in terms of sexuality. I always approach it in terms of family," he explained.

    “I think the sexuality thing is born from his not having a relationship with his father, or not having the relationship he thinks he should have with his father and mother."

    Jacob looks down at someone else

    "The birth of everyone’s sexuality, in a way, I think, is based off of one’s relationship with their parents," Jacob also claimed (despite not being based in scientific fact).

    Jacob looks over his shoulder

    Jacob also said that, to him, Nate's identity is "deeper than" questions like, "Is Nate gay?"

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    Read the entire interview here.