Halsey Revealed That They Suffered Three Miscarriages Before Turning 24, And That Abortion "Saved My Life"

    "I was desperate to end the pregnancy that was threatening my life."

    Last year — this month last year, as a matter of fact — Halsey welcomed their first child Ender with partner Alev Aydin.

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    In a new essay for Vogue, the musician opened up about her experience giving birth, and she also revealed that she'd suffered multiple miscarriages before doing so.

    "I miscarried three times before my 24th birthday," they wrote. "It seemed a cruel irony that I could get pregnant with ease but struggled to maintain a pregnancy."

    Halsey explained that one of their miscarriages required "aftercare," which, in her words, was "a gentle way of saying that I would need an abortion, because my body could not terminate the pregnancy completely on its own and I would risk going into sepsis without medical intervention."

    "During this procedure, I cried," they recalled. "I was afraid for myself and I was helpless. I was desperate to end the pregnancy that was threatening my life."

    Halsey also detailed how she rewrote her will while in the third trimester of her pregnancy with Ender, and she reflected on how her life would've been potentially in danger if Roe v. Wade had already been overturned.

    "How funny that while my own heart would amount to nothing more than a series of involuntary movements on an operating table, a beating heart in my womb could mean I couldn’t consent to saving my own life," they wrote.

    "This is what some people who wish to see the end of abortion rights believe is right," they continued. "Many people have asked me if, since carrying a child to term after years of struggling to do so, I have reconsidered my stance on abortion. The answer is firmly no."

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    "In fact, I have never felt more strongly about it. My abortion saved my life and gave way for my son to have his. Every person deserves the right to choose when, if, and how they have this dangerous and life-altering experience."

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    "I will hold my son in one arm, and fight with all my might with the other."

    Read Halsey's entire essay here.

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