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    Hailey Bieber Got A Peach Tattoo That Matches With Justin's, And It's Adorable

    How sweet β€” literally.

    Remember how Justin Bieber got a peach tattooed on his neck? Of course you do β€” it was like two days ago.

    Well, according to People, Justin's wife Hailey revealed on her Instagram story yesterday that she got a matching tat β€” same peach, different place.

    Hailey Bieber's peach tattoo on her inner forearm
    @haileybieber / Via Instagram: @haileybieber

    As with Justin's neck tat, Hailey's fresh ink was done by famed Los Angeles tattoo artist Dr. Woo.

    Of course, Justin's mom, Pattie, had a different reaction to his latest tattoo: "Don't you have enough yet?" she commented on his Instagram.

    Wait, what's with all the peaches? Well, Justin's latest hit single is β€” wait for it β€” "Peaches," a great song with Daniel Caesar and Giveon from his latest album Justice that currently sits at the top of the charts.

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    Def Jam / Via

    Anyway, stream Justice. It's good!

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