Gunna Talked About Those Chloe Bailey Dating Rumors And Explained That She's Not His Cousin

    "I think I'm getting there."

    If you've been on the internet lately, you've probably seen the rumors about Gunna and Chloe Bailey dating — including some speculation that they're actually cousins.

    Chloe and Gunna look at each other

    So the rapper recently appeared on The Breakfast Club to clear the air.

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    First off: They're not cousins, just "really close friends," according to Gunna.

    Gunna rubs his hands together in front of a suitcase covered in flowers

    And he remained vague on his overall relationship status too. I’m becoming ready; I’m growing into being ready,” he explained. “Because I understand having a girlfriend and having a wife, you gotta have stability when it’s time. So I think I’m getting there.”

    Gunna wears a hat while looking in the distance

    Gunna also addressed recent photos of him with Chloe at an Atlanta Hawks game, saying that he "wanted to take her somewhere cool, not just out to the studio."

    Gunna sits next to Chloe

    One thing's for sure, though — their relationship is legit enough that he wouldn't be happy if she dated someone else right now too. “That wouldn’t be very P of her to take my time and waste it," he said, referencing his new single, "Pushin P." "I for sure would keep it P if she moved on, but I wouldn’t like that, no."

    Gunna leans toward Chloe as she smiles

    Watch the whole interview here.