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Emma Stone Responded To Theories She Called Jimmy Kimmel A "Prick" At The 2024 Oscars

"I'm near-unoffendable."

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Emma Stone is setting the record straight when it comes to what she was up to at the 2024 Oscars.

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Brief recap: After the show's host Jimmy Kimmel showed a montage of the Best Picture nominees — which included the film that Emma won Best Actress for, Poor Things — he joked, “Those were all the parts of Poor Things that we’re allowed to show on TV."

Jimmy Kimmel in a classic tuxedo, bow tie, hands clasped, at an event

The comment was in reference to how Poor Things features multiple explicit sex scenes involving Emma.

Emma Stone in "Poor Things"
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As the camera cut to Emma in the audience, the actor was caught remarking something to her husband Dave McCary — and some assumed that she was displeased with Jimmy and had called him a "prick."

Closeup of Dave McCary and Emma Stone at the Oscars

Well, Emma has finally cleared the air about whether or not she called Jimmy a prick, in a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

Emma Stone holding her Oscar

In the interview, which was conducted alongside The Curse costar Nathan Fielder, the interviewer asked, "Emma, did Kimmel really upset you at the Oscars, or was that taken out of context?" To which she replied, "Did he upset me?"

Emma Stone holding her Oscar

When the interviewer mentioned that people thought she called Jimmy a prick, Emma replied, "No! I didn’t call him a prick. What did I say?"

Emma Stone holding her Oscar

"I didn’t call him a prick," she insisted. "I wasn’t upset with him at all. I’ll have to look that up."

Emma Stone accepting her Oscar onstage

"I’m near-unoffendable."

Emma Stone holding her Oscar

There you have it! Read the entire interview here.

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