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    Elliot Page Said He's "Horrified" By Texas Governor Greg Abbott's Recent Declarations In A Statement Supporting Trans Youth

    "I stand with trans youth and their families."

    Earlier this week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a declaration for state agencies to investigate gender-affirming services for trans youth as "child abuse."

    Abbott speaks into a microphone while sitting down with an American flag behind him

    Abbott's declaration followed Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's suggestion that "elective" gender-affirming treatments could "constitute child abuse" under Texas law.

    Paxton speaks into the microphone

    Following the news, Elliot Page issued a statement to Variety in support of Texas's trans youth.

    Elliot smiles at a step-and-repeat

    “I am horrified by the inhumane and downright dangerous declarations by the Texas Governor and Attorney General," he said.

    Elliot Page poses for a photo at a step-and-repeat

    "Trans youth deserve gender-affirming care and to be able to live their true, authentic selves without fear and oppression."

    Elliot attends the Met Gala

    "I stand with trans youth and their families."

    On Instagram, Elliot referred to the declaration as "horrific" and encouraged his followers to follow writer Chase Strangio "to stay updated on this and all the anti trans bills moving across the country."

    If you or someone you know has experienced anti-LGBTQ violence or harassment, you can contact the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs hotline at 1-212-714-1141.