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Ellen Pompeo Says Katherine Heigl Was "Ahead Of Her Time" For Calling Out The "Crazy Hours" On "Grey's Anatomy"

"She was 100% right."

Last year, Katherine Heigl addressed her past comments describing "cruel" working conditions on Grey's Anatomy.

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Heigl's comments got her labeled "difficult" in Hollywood for years, and her career was inarguably hurt as a result. But now one of her former Grey's Anatomy costars is speaking out in her defense.

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On a recent episode of her podcast, Tell Me With Ellen Pompeo, Grey's star Ellen Pompeo stuck up for her former castmate, calling her a "hero."

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“I remember Heigl said something on a talk show about the insane hours we were working — and she was 100% right," she said.

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“Had she said that today, she’d be a complete hero,” she continued. “But she’s ahead of her time."

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Pompeo continued, "[She] made a statement about our crazy hours, and of course, let’s slam a woman and call her ungrateful.”

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Pompeo went on to say that her former costar was "fucking ballsy" for speaking her mind.

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"She was telling the truth," Pompeo added. "She wasn’t lying.”

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Listen to the entire episode here.