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    Ed Sheeran Has A Pretty Good Reason Why He Avoids Using Urinals In Public

    "My rule is I usually don't."

    Is there anything Ed Sheeran isn't talking about these days?

    Ed Sheeran holds a microphone while looking into a camera

    Earlier this week, the superstar singer-songwriter said that he thought he was gay growing up, and during a recent appearance on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast he got into why he doesn't use urinals in public restrooms.

    Sheeran strums a guitar and sings into a microphone during a performance

    “My rule usually is I don’t go to urinals,” he said. “There will be 20 urinals, and I will stand at an end one, and someone will come and stand right next to me just to have a look. So my rule is I usually don’t."

    Ed Sheeran stands with his arms crossed

    Ironically, Sheeran also revealed that he's met two other famous Brits — specifically, actors Kit Harington and Richard Madden — in the toilet. “You’re there and you’re like, ‘Oh my god. This is kind of awkward. I’m next to Jon Snow.’ Not knowing that he’s thinking, Oh my god, this is so awkward.

    Sheeran looks off in the distance with a guitar in his hand onstage

    Of course, this isn't the only thing we've been talking about from his Armchair Expert appearance. There are also his comments about his Game of Thrones appearance and how he felt about the fact that some fans were, er, less than pleased about it.

    Ed Sheeran smiles with a guitar in a radio station studio

    But hey, if we're going to talk about one episode of a podcast this much, you might as well go and listen to the whole thing. So go do that right now.