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    Miley Cyrus Revealed That Dolly Parton Still Uses A Fax Machine And Doesn't Use The Telephone, And I Guess It Makes Sense

    "She's rarely on the phone."

    Dolly Parton is a legend, an icon — and, at times, a total mystery. We're always finding out new things about her!

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    The latest revelation: Dolly still uses a fax machine as her primary mode of communication — and she also doesn't really even use a phone all that often, if ever.

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    None other than Miley Cyrus revealed this fact on a recent Late Night with Seth Meyers appearance, and there's a little bit of context as to how it came up.

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    So, you may or may not have caught Miley and Dolly's Super Bowl LVI T-Mobile ad earlier this year, as the duo jokingly urged viewers to "Do It for the Phones" on behalf of the wireless provider.

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    "It was amazing because, you know, she was doing it for the phones," Miley explained, "yet every time I coordinate and kind of communicate with Dolly, it's still through fax."

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    "She's rarely on the phone. Next time we have to 'Do it for the fax machine.'"

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    Miley then explained how, exactly, Dolly is still communicating with people — famous people, even — by fax in the year 2022.

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    So, basically, Dolly will write a message to Miley via fax. Someone then scans that fax — which is signed by Dolly, of course — and texts the scan to Miley.

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    "She has a phone. She just doesn't use it, I don't think," Miley explained. "I think someone uses it for her and does the fax machine through the phone."

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    Miley also recalled a time in which they collaborated on a song through similarly archaic technological methods.

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    "She also made me a demo one time where she talks about being super high-tech," she recalled. "But it was all through a cassette, which she then voice memo'd onto a flip phone, which someone then put onto the iPhone, which then got sent to me."

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    Mind you, Miley doesn't sound annoyed by all the technological time-traveling — if anything, she says it's made her appreciate communicating with Dolly even more.

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    "I've started to try and make my own letters because there's something so amazing just about a connection. It's just not casual," she said. "You know that she took the time to get out, I guess, her typewriter."

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    Watch the whole interview here.