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    Dakota Johnson Revealed That Her Parents Discouraged Her From Becoming An Actor, And I Honestly Get It

    "See how well that turned out?"

    At this point, Dakota Johnson is basically an acting powerhouse. Need proof? Go watch her performance in Maggie Gyllenhaal's The Last Daughter — it's on Netflix right now.

    Dakota Johnson looks off-camera while wearing a hat
    Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

    You may or may not know that she comes from a family of famous actors too: Her mother and father are, respectively, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson.

    Griffith, Dakota, and Don smile for a photo at an event
    Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

    But Melanie and Don weren't so supportive of Dakota becoming an actor at first.

    Dakota looks off-camera with a concerned look on her face as she stands by a window
    Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

    In a recent interview with W Magazine, Dakota revealed that her parents "discouraged" her acting ambitions almost immediately — not that it had any effect.

    Dakota crosses her arms while standing against a table
    Michele K. Short / United Artists Releasing / Hulu / courtesy Everett Collection

    "See how well that turned out?" she said, while explaining that she "understood" why Don and Melanie didn't want her to follow in their footsteps. "They wanted me to have as much of a childhood as I could."

    Johnson, who has naturally brunette hair, looks at the camera while wearing a long braid and rocking red hair
    Amazon / courtesy Everett Collection

    Dakota continued on to say that she knew she wanted to act when she was "0 years old," and that being around her parents on set is actually what encouraged her to pursue it as a career to begin with.

    Dakota leans against a chair with her head resting on her chin
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    "I couldn't wait because I grew up on set," she explained. "My parents were always working with amazing artists, and I just loved it."

    Dakota looks over her sunglasses at something as she lays on her stomach as she lounges by the pool
    Universal Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

    "I wanted to be a part of it so badly." And now she is!

    Johnson puts her hand to her face while leaning against a door frame while wearing a men's dress shirt and no pants
    Universal / courtesy Everett Collection

    Read the entire interview here.