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DaBaby's Mini Grammys Red Carpet For His Daughter Is Just The Most Adorable Thing


DaBaby is one of the performers at tonight's Grammys ceremony, and the rapper celebrated music's biggest night with his family in a heartwarming way.

DaBaby at the 2021 Grammy Awards
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Since children can't attend this year's ceremony because of COVID-19 safety protocols, DaBaby brought the red carpet home to his daughter by staging a photo shoot before he headed to the big event.

"Due to Covid-19 Restrictions no kids are allowed in the Grammys, so we created our OWN red carpet just so my princess could walk the carpet & show her dress off," he wrote on Instagram.

DaBaby and his daughter stage a mini Grammys red carpet at home
@dababy / Via

DaBaby also said that his daughter's dress was custom-made by Alani Taylor, who flew in from New York earlier today just to create it.

DaBaby and his daughter stage a mini Grammys red carpet at home
@dababy / Via

This isn't the first time recently that DaBaby has brought up his daughter.

After one of the rapper's new songs purportedly featured a JoJo Siwa diss, DaBaby clarified the situation while mentioning that his daughter is actually a big fan.

Hopefully, DaBaby's daughter will get to make her red carpet debut soon.

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