Chris Pine Explained Why He's Got Long Hair And A Beard Now, And It Kind Of Makes Sense

    "It's mostly laziness."

    You know Chris Pine — or, at least, you used to know him, because he's got a whole new look now.

    Chris Pine stands with hands in his pockets

    On the red carpet last night for the premiere for his new movie All the Old Knives, Chris debuted a new 'do — specifically, long hair and a bushy, partially gray beard.

    Chris poses for a picture with his hand in his pocket

    You might be thinking to yourself, Hey! I've never seen him look like this before. What gives?

    Chris looks into the camera while having his picture taken

    "I guess it’s like, equal parts laziness and equal parts something I may do in the future here," he told Entertainment Tonight. Hmm, intriguing...

    Another angle of Chris's new look, with a strand of hair falling across his face

    “If there’s any excuse not to shave and have makeup put on, I, you know...” Can't argue with that!

    Chris looks into the camera

    When asked if the new look was for a role, Chris answered, "Maybe," before also saying, "It's mostly laziness." So who knows!

    Chris poses with Thandiwe Newton

    "This is my Gregg Allman '70s look," he joked, referring to the late rocker. "My publicist said I look like a Bee Gee, but I prefer Gregg Allman."

    Chris steps out of a car

    Either way, he's been trying out the new look for a minute now. Here he is in November of last year, holding a cup of joe while sporting his new beard.

    Chris looks at someone while holding a cup of coffee

    All the Old Knives hits Amazon Prime Video on April 8. Chris Pine doesn't have a beard in it (I think).

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