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    Cher Confirmed Her Relationship With A.E. Edwards, And She Responded To Criticism About His "Intentions"

    After appearing in photos with the music executive, Cher has spoken out about the speculation regarding her relationship.

    You know Cher, duh. She's a legend.

    Last week, Cher was photographed in public holding hands with music executive A.E. Edwards.

    Of course, there was speculation about whether or not the pair were, y'know, actually a pair — and now Cher herself has responded.

    After a Twitter user asked Cher "Is this your new man?," she replied with the smiley-hearts emoji.

    @cher / Via Twitter: @cher

    She also replied in the affirmative to another user asking if they met during Paris Fashion Week.

    @cher / Via Twitter: @cher

    Another fan stated that they were "immediately suspicious" of A.E.'s "intentions towards" Cher — and Cher had a much longer reply to offer.

    @CentralContest As we All Know …I WASNT BORN YESTERDAY,& What I Know For Sure…There Are No Guarantees. Anytime you make a Choice You Take a Chance.I’ve Always Taken Chances…It’s WHO I Am

    @cher / Via Twitter: @cher

    A.E. is 36 years old, while Cher is 76.

    "As we All Know …I WASNT BORN YESTERDAY, & What I Know For Sure…There Are No Guarantees," she wrote.

    "Anytime you make a Choice You Take a Chance. I’ve Always Taken Chances…It’s WHO I Am."

    In a separate tweet, Cher said that she wasn't "defending" her and A.E., and said that "Haters are Gonna Hate...Doesn't Matter That We're Happy & Not Bothering Anyone."

    I’m Not Defending us.Haters are Gonna Hate…Doesn’ Matter That we’re Happy & Not Bothering Anyone

    @cher / Via Twitter: @cher

    I mean, that's fair! If Cher has anything more to add to the discussion, I'm sure we'll be hearing from her again too.