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Cara Delevingne Showed Off A Seemingly Misspelled New Tattoo While Topless And The Internet Had Reactions

"I am a perfectionist especially when it comes to photography and I was trying to help make something beautiful."

So, Cara Delevingne got a new tattoo recently.

A closeup of Cara

A photo of the new ink — which features an abstract image of a face and the definition of the Italian word "dormiveglia" — was shared by the artist behind it, Matteo Angeroni of the Italian tat spot, the White Whale Tattoo Society.

The photoset featured snaps of Cara showing the tattoo off while topless — and IG commenters questioned why that was necessary, since you can see the tattoo just fine with a top on:

you really needed to put her naked for an arm tattoo that's why most female clients will not go to a male tattoo artist
cool tat. why is she naked? smily emoji
as a woman i'd never go to a male artist who posed a client needlessly topless. Do better
it's a cool tattoo but i don't think she has to be shirtless

Others suggested that it wasn't that big of a deal:

secret: without a bra the focus falls on the tattoo, if you only see that she is naked, you don't deserve beauty and art!
person saying they didn't realize she was naked at first because they were focused on the tattoo

Eventually, Cara popped in the comments and explained that the decision to be topless for the photo was hers.

just to be clear, i chose to take my bra off

"Just to be clear to everyone!" she wrote. I chose to take my bra off, the picture didn’t look good with my bra on. I am a perfectionist especially when it comes to photography and I was trying to help make something beautiful. Everyone calm down please. Thank you x."

closeup of cara at an event

But the questions didn't stop there. People were also curious as to why the tattoo defined "dormiveglia" as "the place that stretches between sleeping and walking," and suggested that the last word was supposed to actually be "waking" — which, yes, would make more sense than the actual tattoo.

closeup of the tattoo with the word walking
i find it more offensive that waking is spelling incorrectly
no you spelled it wrong it's supposed to be waking not walking
was walking instead of waking a choice or a typo

Matteo replied to one comment pointing out the potential misspelling, "Maybe we choose like that?" (His reply, as you can see below, wasn't very nice overall.)

maybe we choose like that?  compliments you can read

What is the truth? We may never know for sure...