Here Are The Latest Reports On Bradley Cooper And Gigi Hadid's Relationship

    "Their relationship is easy, fun, and normal."

    Let's do a little recap of the Bradley Cooper-Gigi Hadid situation.

    So, Bradley and Irina Shayk broke up back in 2019 after four years of being together. They share one child, and since then it sounds like they've maintained a decent relationship when it comes to co-parenting.

    closeup of the Bradley and Irina on the red carpet

    Back in February of last year, Gigi (who split with Zayn Malik back in 2021) reportedly broke up with Leonardo DiCaprio after less than a year of dating.

    Last fall, Bradley and Gigi started being seen together in public. At one point they were photographed while Bradley was wearing Ellen-branded boxer briefs, which is certainly a sentence I just typed!

    Now, there are new reports on what's really going on with this union — and, I gotta say, it sounds like it's getting pretty serious!

    A source tells Entertainment Tonight that Gigi and Bradley "are in love." Yowza!

    "Things have continued to blossom between Gigi and Bradley and have gotten serious," another source told the publication. "Everyone around them sees their natural connection. Their relationship is easy, fun, and normal."

    "They bond over family, friends, conversations about life, parenting, living in the public eye, humor, and more. They have a synergy and understanding with regard to all these things and it connects them in a deep way."

    So there you have it. We've reached out to Bradley's and Gigi's reps for further comment, and we'll update you if we hear anything back.