Try Not To Smile At This Adorable Photo Of Bindi Irwin's Baby Girl, Grace, Meeting Animals For The First Time


    If you didn't know by now, Bindi Irwin recently gave birth to a baby girl, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell.

    Bindi Irwin at the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner in 2019

    Grace has only been in the world for a little under a month, but she's already getting acquainted with wildlife like the rest of her family.

    Grace's grandmother, Terri, recently posted a pic on Twitter of her introducing the baby to a few chickens "living in her backyard" at the Australia Zoo.

    Introducing Grace to some of the animals living in her backyard @AustraliaZoo.

    @TerriIrwin / Via Twitter: @TerriIrwin

    Bindi even retweeted her mom's photo, calling it "the most wonderful moment."

    The most wonderful moment 💛

    @BindiIrwin / Via Twitter: @BindiIrwin

    Hey, wait a minute...didn't Grace meet some crocodiles a few weeks ago too?

    No...but, also, kind of? On April Fools Day, Terri pranked the world by posting a pic of the family holding Crocs (get it?) while talking about Grace's "first croc encounter."

    Beautiful baby Grace, first croc encounter...April Fool’s!

    @TerriIrwin / Via Twitter: @TerriIrwin

    And we're sure Bindi and the entire family will continue to share more beautiful moments with baby Grace.