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    Billie Eilish Broke Her Silence On Her Relationship With Jesse Rutherford, And She Called Him The "Hottest Fucking Fucker Alive"

    "Are you kidding me? Can we just...round of applause for me?"

    At this point, you probably know that Billie Eilish is dating Jesse Rutherford, the 31-year-old lead singer of the Neighbourhood.

    A few weeks ago, Billie's brother Finneas opened up about what he thinks regarding their relationship — and now Billie is talking about it for the first time too.

    In the sixth(!) annual installment of her "Same Year" interview series with Vanity Fair, Billie talks about her relationship with Jesse as well as how she feels about the new romance.

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    “It’s really cool and I’m really excited and I’m really happy about it,” she said about dating Jesse.

    “I managed to get my life to a point where I not only was known by a person that I thought was the hottest fucking fucker alive, but pulled his ass!” she continued.

    "Are you kidding me?" she asked rhetorically before miming a bow. "Can we just...round of applause for me? Thank you."

    Billie also said she's "really inspired" by Jesse and that "he's inspired by me" as well — and she also seemingly addressed her breakup with actor Matthew Tyler Vorce earlier this year.

    "I feel extremely grateful for the relationship I was in last year," she said, "and I think he's so much happier now — which really makes me happy."

    Watch the entire interview here.