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    Billie Eilish Explained Why She Doesn't Like To Refer To Her Listeners As "Fans" And It Makes A Lot Of Sense

    "They always have my back."

    You know Billie Eilish.

    Billie Eilish looks over her shoulder while wearing a gown

    During a recent appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Drew noted that Billie mentioned in this year's documentary Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry that she doesn't like the word "fans" to refer to her listeners.

    Billie Eilish looks and smiles in the distance

    “I think that the reason that it was so weird to me," she replied, "was because one moment I was a fan, and then suddenly I was looked at as this like higher up suddenly, even when I was 14, and it was so weird because I was like, I am not even anyone."

    Billie Eilish waves to the crowd behind a row of hedges

    "I just make music, and these kids that I feel like I already know suddenly [are] like, ‘Oh, they are Billie’s fans, and then there is Billie.’"

    Eilish smiles with her head tilted on the red carpet

    "So that’s why it was so weird to me because I think of them like literally my skin, like part of me, and like how I get through stuff. They always have my back."

    Eilish sticks out her tongue while flashing the peace sign

    "They are fans just as much as I am a fan," she concluded, "but that doesn’t make them any less than me or anybody else, you know?"

    Eilish poses for a photo on the red carpet while crossing her hands

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