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Bill Hader Was One Of The Only People Wearing A Mask Inside The 2022 Emmy Awards, And He Skipped The Red Carpet Too

Looks like the Barry star was thinking about protecting himself from COVID-19 at the ceremony.

Bill Hader's the star of the HBO comedy Barry, which was nominated for 14 Emmys this year.

Bill Hader standing in front of a sign for "Barry"

He was also personally nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor and Outstanding Director in a Comedy Series.

closeup of Bill Hader

But Bill didn't walk the red carpet at this year's Emmy Awards — and when he was inside for the ceremony, he sported what looks like a KN95 mask.

Bill's mask-wearing was notable, since he was pretty much the only person you could see wearing a mask during the ceremony...

Despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic is, y'know, still kind of a thing.

someone accepting an Emmy

And, hey, it looks like Bill was having a good time, too. Rock on, Bill — sorry you didn't win. Maybe next year!