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    Ben Platt And Noah Galvin Revealed That They're Engaged In A Pair Of Instagram Posts

    The couple both revealed the news on Friday morning, and it looks like they couldn't be happier.

    It's a Thanksgiving weekend surprise — Ben Platt and Noah Galvin are engaged!

    Ben and Noah laughing together

    The couple revealed the news on both of their Instagram pages earlier today, sharing photos of the moment that the proposal took place.

    Noah and Ben holding hands at the Grammys

    "He agreed to hang out forever 💕," Ben wrote in the caption of his post.

    "I said yeehaw and then cried for like 7 hours 🫂," Noah wrote on his page while including a photo of Ben and flashing an engagement ring.

    Ben and Noah have been dating since 2020 — but they actually were friends for half a decade before that, so they took a bit of time to enter into a relationship with each other.

    In June of last year, Ben appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show to talk about their relationship, as well as why they started dating.

    "We kind of skated around it for a long time," he said. "And then it was 0 to 60, we're living together with my parents in our childhood home and seeing each other all the time."

    "I didn’t see the light for a long time, and then I realized, you know, that he was the guy.”

    How sweet. Congratulations to the happy couple!