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    Ben Affleck Explained Why He Was Asked To "Fix" His Teeth To Be In "Armageddon"

    "Be sexy, how do I do that?"

    While watching Michael Bay's classic 1998 disaster film Armageddon, you might be tempted to think about a lot of things — like asteroids hitting Earth, the whole plausibility of the film itself, stuff like that.

    The cover art for Armageddon

    I'm willing to guess, however, that one of those things isn't "Ben Affleck's teeth." And yet!

    Affleck looks up while wearing a spacesuit

    In a recent interview with fellow actor and longtime BFF Matt Damon for Entertainment Weekly, Affleck revealed that he was asked to "fix" his teeth prior to starring in Armageddon.

    Affleck looks in the distance outside

    Affleck claimed that producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Michael Bay had a "focus on aesthetics" that veered toward how he looked.

    Affleck looks in the distance

    "[They were] like, ‘You guys gotta go to the tanning bed!'" he recalled. "They made me fix my teeth and work out and be sexy. Be sexy, how do I do that? ‘Go to the gym!'"

    Affleck looks in the distance

    "Running in the gym and putting oil on my body and stuff, and it just turned out to be a long-form version of one of those male topless calendars, in a garage, carrying a tire, kind of greased up."

    Affleck looks off-camera

    In case you forgot, Affleck played an oil rig worker in the film, and he told Damon that his character's occupation played a role in Bay's, uh, vision for displaying Affleck's body.

    Affleck stands next to Bay and Liv Tyler

    "Michael had a vision of a glistening male torso in the oil, and he was like, ‘That's going to go in the trailer and sell tickets!' And you know, what can you say?" Indeed!

    Affleck on the Armageddon poster

    Read the entire interview here.