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Bella Hadid Was Snapped Removing Zayn Malik's Hand From Gigi Hadid's Butt


Hey, it was recently Gigi Hadid's birthday — April 23, to be exact. Happy birthday, Gigi!

Gigi Hadid at Paris Fashion Week in February 2020
Kristy Sparow / Getty Images

To celebrate the big night, Gigi went out on the town in New York City with her partner Zayn Malik, as well as her sister Bella. At one point, they hit up a food truck.

Gigi, Bella, and Zayn standing in front of the food truck in New York City
Mega / GC Images / Via Getty Images

As Just Jared points out, the paparazzi were out in full force as Zayn's hand gravitated towards Gigi's butt.

Gigi, Zayn, and Bella at the food truck

So Bella went over and removed Zayn's hand from Gigi's butt. Plain and simple.

Bella removes Zayn's hand from Gigi's butt

She was watching out for her older sister! How nice.

Gigi, Zayn, and Bella at the food truck

Zayn also gave Gigi a massive bouquet of flowers for her birthday, which she lovingly documented on her IG Story.

The bouquet of flowers that Zayn got Gigi
@gigihadid / Via Instagram: @gigihadid

Blake Lively also took the opportunity to gently troll her husband Ryan Reynolds for Gigi's special day.

The photo that Blake Lively posted of her, Ryan Reynolds, and Gigi Hadid
@blakelively / Via Instagram: @blakelively

All in all, a pretty unique birthday.

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