Barack Obama Got Real About What Sasha And Malia Think About His Attempts At Rapping

    "They even think my dancing is better than my rapping."

    On a recent episode of Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen's Renegades: Born in the USA podcast, the former United States president revealed that, on occasion, he's been known to rap a little.

    President Barack Obama outside the White House in 2015

    Not only that, but the times when he has rapped have been received, uh, less than warmly by his daughters.

    "You do not want to hear me rap," he said while replying to a question that the publication Complex had submitted for the episode.

    "When I have tried to rap, my daughters have rolled their eyes, covered their ears. They think it's painful. They even think my dancing is better than my rapping."

    Obama also shared his thoughts on one of his favorite rap songs, Jay-Z's "My 1st Song," which he said was on constant rotation while he was running for president.

    "It talks about the struggle of just trying to make it," Obama explained. "And sometimes you have to resort to false bravado, and hustle, and tamping down your insecurities."

    "I actually kept on listening to that song during the presidency because it was a reminder that even when you do make it, having a little bit of that sense of still being hungry, still having to work hard, still having to prove something — that that's what keeps propelling you forward."

    Obama waves at a summit in 2015

    But make no mistake — you won't hear Obama doing his best Jay-Z impression anytime soon, or possibly ever: "But, I'm still not gonna rap it."

    Obama speaks at a rally in 2018