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13 Awkward And Surprising Things That Went Down During Super Bowl LVIII

Not "Rolling in the Deep"...

1. Donna Kelce, Travis's mom, was caught on camera sitting in the arena alone before the big game:

Twitter: @swieder13

2. Rob Gronkowski missed a 25-yard field goal kick for a FanDuel promotion — again:

@MrOverUnder / FanDuel / Via Twitter: @MrOverUnder

3. Taylor Swift and Blake Lively were caught on camera swaying to the beat of Post Malone's take on "America the Beautiful":

@TMZ / NFL / Via Twitter: @tmz

4. After Andra Day performed "Lift Every Voice and Sing," one of the commentators announced that they were going to "celebrate America" after coming back from commercial:

Twitter: @CandiceBenbow

5. There was a weird ad about Jesus washing feet:

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Twitter: @davidmackau

6. One of the commentators was singing along to Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" during the commercial break, and it didn't sound great:

@adeleonlinecom / Via Twitter: @adeleonlinecom

7. Travis Kelce got really intense with Chiefs coach Andy Reid on the sidelines:

@NFLonCBS / Via Twitter: @nfloncbs

@MavsStan41 / Via Twitter: @mavsstan41

8. Las Vegas's official Twitter account used a picture of the friggin' Blue Man Group to celebrate the game's first touchdown:

Twitter: @vegas

9. The 49ers' linebacker Dre Greenlaw injured his Achilles tendon while jogging onto the field and got taken out of the game:

Twitter: @NFLonCBS

10. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ran a really bizarre presidential campaign ad mimicking an ad that his uncle President John F. Kennedy ran in the 1960s:

Twitter: @MediumBuying

11. The faux disclaimer before Usher's halftime show warned against "possible relationship issues" from watching his performance — possibly alluding to the Keke Palmer–Darius Jackson drama from last year:

@beydisciple / Apple Music / Via Twitter: @beydisciple

12. Alicia Keys didn't exactly nail the opening moment of her halftime appearance:

@PopCulture2000s / NFL / Via Twitter: @PopCulture2000s

Twitter: @laurencoys

13. And if you think all of that is strange, get a load of what was going on during Nickelodeon's coverage of the Super Bowl...

@big_business_ / Paramount / Via Twitter: @big_business_

@Jadenfire / Paramount / Via Twitter: @Jadenfire

@JWCartoonist / Paramount / Via Twitter: @JWCartoonist

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