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    The Internet Is Going Wild For Anne Hathaway Dancing At Paris Fashion Week, And I Fully Support It

    Cutting a rug to "Lady Marmalade"...very, very relatable.

    You know Anne Hathaway — and you probably know that Paris Fashion Week just went down, too.

    anne at an event wearing a short puffer jacket dress with a matching corset on top

    It's also possible you saw the internet raving about this leopard-print dress — complete with matching tights — that she wore to the Valentino Haute Couture Spring/Summer show.

    anne wearing the thin-strapped dress

    Well, post-show, Anne hit up the after party and busted a few moves — and the resulting footage has the internet going bonkers.

    closeup of anne
    @PopCulture2000s / Via Twitter: @PopCulture2000s

    Yo, despues de ver lo perfecta que se ve Anne Hathaway bailando en medio de la peda.

    @tuvaledor_ / Via Twitter: @tuvaledor_

    every tongue that rises up against Anne Hathaway shall fall

    @alex_abads / Via Twitter: @alex_abads

    mi orientación sexual ahora mismo es anne hathaway bailando así

    @santkelx / Via Twitter: @santkelx

    The footage is already making its way into fancams, too. People work quick!

    Mi crush de toda la vida tiene nombre y es Anne Hathaway 😍

    Twitter: @jasanchez96

    And that, my friends, is how a meme is born.