Amy Schumer Revealed Why She Dropped Out Of The "Barbie" Movie, And You Know What, I Get It

    "You've got the wrong gal."

    Hey, remember when Amy Schumer was supposed to be Barbie in the Barbie movie?

    Amy Schumer looks over her shoulder while walking

    Sony cast Amy as the titular doll in late 2016 — and she was cowriting the script too — then, four months later, she backed out of the project while citing "scheduling conflicts."

    Amy poses at a step-and-repeat

    As it turns out, "scheduling conflicts" weren't the real reason why Amy left the flick — and she recently explained the whole sitch to the Hollywood Reporter.

    Amy smiles while looking off-camera

    “They definitely didn’t want to do it the way I wanted to do it, the only way I was interested in doing it,” she explained.

    Close up of Amy at an event

    Amy claims that she wanted her Barbie to be an inventor, while the studio wanted her "invention" to be a high-heel made of Jell-O.

    Amy speaks into a microphone wearing a shirt that reads "Amy's Fabulous 40th"

    The studio also sent her a pair of Manolo Blahniks after closing the deal — which Amy says was a sign that things were doomed from the start.

    Amy looks into the camera while holding her phone

    “The idea that that’s just what every woman must want, right there, I should have gone, ‘You’ve got the wrong gal,’” she said.

    Amy walks outside while wearing sunglasses, tennis shoes, and leggings

    The decision to depart the project also caused Amy to shake up her career in general, which she says was "getting a little stagnant."

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    “I felt like I was disappointing my team by not being Barbie," she said while discussing her decision to change talent reps. “I loved those guys, but I just didn’t feel support for, like, ‘This is who Amy is and she’s not going to be this other thing.'"

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    The Barbie movie is still full steam ahead, though — it's going to be directed by Greta Gerwig, with Margot Robbie playing Barbie, so look out for that.

    Greta smiles at an event

    Read the entire interview with Amy Schumer here.