Addison Rae Wants The World To Know That She's Single

    That settles that.

    Alright, let's break down the Addison Rae relationship rumors.

    Addison Rae on the red carpet for the Kids Choice Awards in March 2021

    According to E! News, there was speculation over the weekend that the TikTok star and singer was spotted with rapper Jack Harlow in Atlanta.

    E! News also claims that Rae was seen with ex-boyfriend and TikTok star Bryce Hall at the Triller Fight Club event in Atlanta on Saturday night.

    Even though Rae doesn't really owe anyone an explanation regarding who she's hanging out with, she took to Twitter on Monday afternoon to set the record straight.

    "I'm single," she tweeted.

    @whoisaddison / Via Twitter: @whoisaddison

    And that's that.

    Rae also posted a photo to Instagram with the caption, "Saying nothing says a lot."

    Can't argue with that!