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4 Funny Experiences Only Vapers Will Understand

The old saying, “There’s a first time for everything” definitely rings true for first-time vapers. Usually, it’s those first-time experiences that are the most memorable ones and are often the stories that make us and those around us laugh about for years to come. What makes a first time experience funny? Often, our reactions and facial expressions, especially when something unexpected happens because we did not realize that we were doing something incorrectly at the time. Especially when we’re young since we tend to get overly excited with anticipation and “just go for it”. It is in these moments where our funny, first-time experiences are born.

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1. The Impeccable Timing of Disposable Vape Pens.

Many people used to have their first experience smoking a cigarette in school, but as vape trends significantly increase, more students end up having their first disposable vape pen experience in high school instead. Whether you are a high school student or are a seasoned smoker trying to make the switch to help you quit, many first-time disposable vape pen users can attest to how unpleasant their first experience was.

Typically, new users have no clue how to use a vape and aren’t sure how many puffs they should take. Quite a few first-timers report getting dizzy, sick, or sometimes worse. The funny part about this is, students typically try their first vape on their own and before class, which causes many of them to experience a few embarrassing moments in front of their classmates. Maybe trying something like this for the first time should be tried at home instead of before your class presentation? Just a thought.

2. You thought You’d Look as Gangster as Leo but You Were Wrong…

There are many images on the web showing Leonardo DiCaprio looking pretty gangster with his e-cigarette, but let’s face it, your “first time” looked more like a first kiss; awkward, unsatisfying, and a bit perplexing. Even funnier, many people think they look cool and classy, but end up hacking to death because they had no idea what they were doing. Yeah mate, not as cool as Leo but we’ve all been there.

3. Coughing up a Lung.

Many first time vapers have no idea what to expect, which makes it even funnier when they inhale like a champ and literally end up hacking up a lung (or two). The worst part is, your so-called friends did not do their job, rather, they just watched and waited in anticipation to see what would happen. While you were hacking up a lung, they were most likely rolling around on the ground in laughter. Sound somewhat familiar?

4. “I Thought It Would Taste Good.”

Much like the people in this video, most people are dissatisfied with the taste or gag from their first e-cigarette, even causing some to revisit their lunch. Many people expect vaping to taste better since there are so many seemingly tantalizing e-juice flavors on the market, but more seasoned vapers know not to expect too much from in terms of flavor their first vaping experience since each person has their own taste preference.

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