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    • larlar

      I’m grateful to have a ton of hair, but the texture is so fine, it limits my options. I’ll never be one of those girls that can skip shampooing daily, I just look and feel like a filthy ragamuffin. I’ve had to stop guys from running their fingers through my hair, “uh, I’m gonna have to stop you right there. You can poke around other places, but my hair is off limits, just too tangly. and the sound of my hair snapping as you try to escape is really gonna kill the mood.” I envy girls that can have the wind toss their hair, or go swimming, and then easily brush out their hair. I’m looking at using half a bottle of conditioner to fix that shit. My hair feels like snot when it’s wet, and I must have a wide toothed plastic comb to comb it out after showering. My hair laughs at regular combs and won’t even look at a brush. I’ve had to curl my hair to put it in a pony tail so it looks thickish. Braids are out of the question, the hairs just slide out and too much product makes it look greasy. I shudder to think of the money spent in the pursuit of hair products that could do something, anything, for my hair. When I was little, my mom only put up with long hair until about second grade. It just became too much, all the tears and empty bottles of No More Tangles every morning. And me whining and crying didn’t help. Short hair was fine, and I had some really cute haircuts, but they were really high maintenance with color and style and I ain’t got time for that bs. So I’ve settled on long hair, parted down the middle, and will never have bangs again, they always looked like shit on me. Switching to silicone free shampoo and conditioner has been the most volumizing thing that’s ever worked for my hair. It took about a week for my hair to adjust, but I’ll never go back now, it’s great. I wear the same style but I just don’t care anymore, it works and is easy. So I’ll forever be the girl with long hair that wears it half up everyday. Sometimes when I’m feeling fancy, I’ll curl it. I’ve made peace with my hair now, but it took to almost 40 to get here.

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