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    • LarkSpark

      She’s an idiot, but that doesn’t make any sense.. That rumor came out of The Sun so that automatically invalidates it. It’s likely 2 young kids who ended a relationship or a PR contract expired. Anyway, be logical. If your ass got caught cheating in public last year and your life was splashed all over tabloids, would you really want to keep in contact with the dude Much less keep him in your phone under his real name? As far as the creeper guy, I remember reading on Deadline that he was fired from being the director of the second film while they kept her on. Why would he want to keep in contact with her? Dude lost his job, his wife and kids, and was humiliated in front of the world because he was dumb enough to screw around in public with someone young enough to be his kid. Doesn’t compute.

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