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    10 Reasons Why Autumn Isn't So Bad

    Goodbye summer. We meet again, Fall

    10. Less sweating


    no one looks cute with pit stains

    9. Sunburns are the worst


    "but it was overcast!"

    8. Problem areas can be hidden again


    yay for layers!

    7. Give your air conditioner a rest


    my last electric bill was how much?!

    6. No more mosquito bites!


    and no more clothes that smell like bug spray!

    5. It's apple picking time!


    which means apple pies, apple doughnuts, apple everything!

    4. Football!


    tailgating, game day parties, hot wings!

    3. Thanksgiving is happiness


    I'm thankful for this turkey, ham and stuffing. Oh and gravy. More gravy please

    2. Candy becomes a food group


    Snickers for breakfast with a Reese's chaser? Yes please

    1. Hocus Pocus is on tv!!!


    and I will watch it every time

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