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A Patient Centered Approach To Emergency Care

We all find ourselves confronting an unexpected injury or illness from time to time. Having a medical emergency can be a scary time and visiting an emergency room for treatment is never a fun experience, especially if you have children along. Sitting in the waiting room for hours is never a great experience and even less so when you are hurting or sick! You may think your only option is a busy emergency room attached to a hospital. In fact there are alternatives when you need emergency care.

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If you live in the Richmond or Dallas areas of Texas though you have a great alternative to seeking care at a traditional emergency room. Frontline ER is a stand alone emergency room that offers all of the care a services of a regular emergency room in a calmer environment with greatly reduced wait times. Unlike most emergency rooms, Front Line ER is not connected to a hospital but is instead focused on providing only emergency care to patients experiencing a variety of injuries and illnesses such as broken bones, heart attacks, and allergic reactions.

Despite being a freestanding emergency room, Frontline ER has access to all of the typical diagnostic tools used at any well regarded hospital. If your condition requires x rays, ultrasounds, blood work or other advanced diagnostic technology you will be well cared for and likely have a much faster turn around on the results than you would find at a typical hospital. More minor conditions such are urinary tract infections or strep throat can also be treated without spending the long hours waiting as you might do at another ER.

Frontline ER is more than just a fully equipped emergency room. For employees who have experienced on the job injuries or employers with injured workers Frontline ER can provide care for workers compensation cases. This is especially convenient when work injuries don’t fall within the normal 9-5 work day. Being seen quickly means employees get high quality care they need and their injuries don’t get worse. Frontline ER staff have experience with worker’s compensation cases meaning the process is smoother and paperwork is completed correctly the first time.

Regular pre-employment and employment screenings are also offered. If you have a hectic schedule and struggle to see your doctor during their normal business hours you can visit Frontline ER without making an appointment. Screenings offered include urine and hair samples, drug tests, and alcohol testing. Frontline ER even offers a rapid drug test with results available the same day, minimizing disruptions for both employers and employees.

In addition to worker’s compensation, all forms of private insurance are accepted for emergency care. If you don’t have insurance self pay options are available. Cash patients receive a discount on the top notch care offered at Frontline ER. Whether you have a medical emergency or urgency or just need a routine test for work the physicians and other staff are highly trained and ready to provide the care you need.

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