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Which Ignite Session #1 Co-Chair Are You?

Ranging from a crazed, needy person to a frat lord to a piece of granola, Session One Co-Chairs basically cover every type of person. Stop being a special snowflake and take this test to realize your true identity.

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  1. 1. Where can you be found on a Friday Night??

    The Chick-fil-a drive thru, or Cabo Bob’s.
    On my way to steal your girl
    Probably at a sweethearts event desperately trying to avoid dancing
    Sprinting from a study session to a date event, or cleaning my entire apartment
    Eating multiple bowls of ice cream, watching the office, then in bed by 11 PM
    Studying or making photoshops lol
    Desperately trying to avoid hanging out with my pair. But probably at a coffee shop/ movie date with my roommates.
    On top of a mountain because I’m #granola
    Ultimate frisbee at clark field spitting at Jake. Freaking bet. Literally anywhere, I never make plans. But it probably ends with face-masks because I care about being a figure of beauty and grace.
    Concert, Work, Art Studio, Bathroom, Illegal places.
    Eating way too much peanut butter, playing a sport, at the lake, or at an Alpha Phi event… if none of the above then studying
    Definitely not answering this quiz in a timely manner and therefore being made fun of for looking like Robert Pattinson for the remainder of the questions.
  2. 2. Name one leader you try to emulate:

    Donald Trump. "WRONG"
    Taylor Swift, if I have problems I just sing about them
    Sandra Bullock from The Blind Side or any other mother of your choice
    Myself, that way I’m always successful
    The Queen Bee, everyone exists to serve me.
    Lil’ Sebastian. I want all my friends to call me “not so lil’ Sebastian” because did you know I’m the tallest person in my family
    LeBron James. Did you know he came back from being down 3-1 to beat the Warriors in the NBA Finals?
    Kanye West
    Leader? So like Michael Scott, Teddy Roosevelt, Matt Stone, or Shia LeBuff??
    Tony Stark. I admire quick-witted people.
    Principal Brad Brown (Principal of Canyon High School- go coogs #nevergraduate)
    Robert Pattinson (yeah that guy from Twilight that is basically my twin)
  3. 3. Who do you relate to on a deep level?

    The guys who run the facebook meme pages
    Hillary Clinton, because she’s woke and even when things are rigged in my favor I still lose
    Baby Bevo
    Any High School Seniors right now
    The old man who tries to talk to you on the bus
    I don't like to compare myself to others, because it's destructive ;)
    the people on infomercials who somehow manage to mess up really simple tasks
    Robert Pattinson, go figure
    Ina Garten
    Miniature Dachshunds
    Elsa from Frozen
    No one, I am a special snowflake.
  4. 4. How do you attract the bois/ladies?

    I generally just talk and talk and talk and try to wrestle bois in front of them to show off my muscles.
    I stare deeply into their eyes and once I have their attention, I hit em with a 1738 joke
    Haven’t figured out how to do this yet, advice welcomed.
    Sing one half of a duet and if they join in, they’re the one
    The girls come to me because of my dreamy eyes and dank memes
    I don’t really know, I just keep getting asked to BYX date events.
    I switch out my everyday headband for a sexy headband
    Engage them in sports in hopes of impressing them, then accidently get too into the game and forget my original purpose
    I mesmerize them with my sick dance moves.
    Having my friends casually bring up my high school accomplishments in conversation with the ladies.
    Overwhelm them with bad jokes/awkwardness until they cave
    By looking like Robert Pattinson
  5. 5. What do you want for Christmas?

    An REI giftcard so I can buy things from REI and brag about how much money I spent at REI on cool REI things did y’all know I like the outdoors?
    A 4.0 cuz this semester baptised my GPA
    Money so I can afford expensive study-abroad programs and overpriced clothes
    A Dallas CowBois Super bowl Victory.
    I really just want to become Ryan Goslings character from La La Land. Or to learn how to stop saying stupid phrases.
    Money to be able to justify the amount I spend on brunch weekly
    A P31 woman, A tru gd mf woke sweetie, All I want for Christmas is a big nice GPA
    A dog, desperately, but it’s not practical at this time in my life.
    I dunno, anything that Robert Pattinson would wear or want because we’re like the same person. So maybe cologne or another movie?
    Rockets Tickets, Texans Tickets, Lululemon athletic shorts, anything sports
    Superpowers, or to be the voice of a new Disney princess in a movie that’s uber successful
    Another Alabama national championship
  6. 6. What do think as you dress yourself every day?

    Will I see any boys worth it today?
    Is this #abovereproach? (I seriously cannot have another t shirt incident)
    *considers how hot it is in Austin… wears sweater anyway*
    If I wear this, how many people will insult me and judge me for it?
    Fashion Icon. I must break the rules to make new ones.
    Would Kanye wear this? Did I wake up before noon?
    Is this outdoorsy or homeless?
    Fre$$h to death
    Only the people in my MWF classes saw me in this yesterday….therefore my TTH classmates won’t know I wore this two days in a row.
    We have two options: are we going with “cool and athletic” or “frat star” today?
    Would this be acceptable to wear when I am on The Bachelor?
    Do I look enough like Robert Pattinson???
  7. 7. Where do you go to study?

    Anywhere; I’m always studying, so come study with me (please, it gets lonely lol)
    As far away from campus (and my pair) as possible.
    At my house, because when everyone else was at the CPE studying, I was texting them about how unprepared I was. Now they are asleep and I am pulling an all nighter.
    I try to stay away from crowds because everyone thinks I’m Robert Pattinson
    Seniors don’t study. SKA
    I don’t have to study because I already know everything
    What is studying? Wait a second...
    Butler School of Music or anywhere I can practice piano without being judged
    In complete isolation in my apartment with no sounds or distractions. Or with people if I want to get absolutely nothing done
    The place that I have to walk the shortest distance to. Usually my apartment, sometimes the FAC or PCL if I’m getting desperate.
    The Union, Bennu, or wherever Drew Sullivan can be found
    I mean I go to the Union or whichever coffee shop my pair is at. Or I go play FIFA and wait until 2 am
  8. 8. What's your relationship with your pair like?

    Well I really enjoy spending time with her and her feelings aren’t mutual… so like younger brother and older sister.
    She has this weird thing for Chili’s but she’s chill so I go along with it
    One time she insulted the kind of water I was drinking for being too extra but we tight
    Well it is still a work in progress, but he texts me a lot. I'm supposed to meet with the execs to report about him too...
    I call him out for being extra, but other than that we are the dream team
    I have to look up every other word he says on urban dictionary but he lets me braid his hair so pretty stellar
    I'm #teamJacob, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ;) but also Great! I never thought I’d get the chance to meet Robert Pattinson! (But in all seriousness I am very lucky, he’s pretty dang awesome)
    I rely on my pair for emotional stability because my life is like a shambly lil yachty on rough waters
    We’re like a Reese’s Cup. She’s the peanut butter which is obviously the sweetest and best part and I’m the chocolate that compliments her. Both of us are very good individually, but when combined we are a pair of unrivaled excellence.
    We met two stepping at Ignite, so it’s safe to say we were destined to be co-chairs.
    As LeBron James might say: pretty “baller” or “dope”
    I’m Edward and she’s Bella from Twilight
  9. 9. Emergency happens. How do you handle it!?

    I run away because I likely caused the emergency situation and celebrities shouldn't dirty their hands.
    I missed the emergency situation because I slept in for 14 hours
    Inform everyone that Sam is an Eagle Scout, maybe pull out the photographic evidence I have on my phone to confirm this, and then probably just do everything myself because I don’t trust the people around me to.
    Probably grab my neck with both hands then outwardly scream but actually relish the opportunity to be in charge.
    An emergency situation wouldn’t occur since I plan ahead, so this question is irrelevant
    I would get everyone to calm down and be quiet then scream, “ Aaahhh Freak Out!” then do whatever was necessary even if it was emergency surgery.
    I become supermom. Sorry not sorry if you’re yelled at
    Try to keep calm until it’s over, then over analyze everything I could have done differently
    Fix it as fast as I can and then reward myself and others with Chilis
    I’m probably the last one to be notified of the emergency situation, so I won’t be that useful.
    Easy: stop drop and roll
    Make bad jokes until someone fixes it
  10. 10. If there's something strange in West Campus, who you gonna call?

    Probably no one because I am never in West Campus also I would just run at the problem.
    People call me cause they know I’m that dude
    If we are being completely honest here, Drew Sullivan
    The Bug control? Is that how that phrase goes?
    I’m a proud outdoors-person so I can probably handle it myself
    Call ghostbusters, but the new ghostbusters, especially Leslie Jones, because the new ghostbusters are all women and extremely woke as heck.
    No one. Nothing strange happens in Memorial.
    My mom who’s 220 miles away
    No one because this is an everyday occurrence when you live in West Campus
    My friends from high school to talk about how nothing strange ever happened in high school - good times
    Definitely not Jacob the werewolf bc #teamEdward all the way
    Ghostbusters or my mom lol

Which Ignite Session #1 Co-Chair Are You?

You got: Samuel Dunegan

Oh no.. you got the loudest, weirdest, craziest Co-Chair. You either are screaming at the top of your lungs, or bringing up serious stuff at the wrong time. You probably feel like an awkward dude all the freaking time especially when put in situations of power. And I bet you need attention too… I’ll pray for your counselors/campers. You are excellent at deep conversations and are always willing to put people first. You are a great servant leader who loves bringing people together above all else.

Samuel Dunegan
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You got: Tosa Nehikhuere

The Most Fresh, the most legend, the one and only, and the true shot balla. Hopefully your last name is easier to pronounce, but you probably don’t care because you never really care that much. I’m sure you are talking about your latest attempts to be the reincarnated Will Smith mixed with a little Kanye. I’m sure you are pretty trash at Super Smash Brothers too. But on the real, you genuinely care about people very well. You are always down to chill and make friends because you are able to see and go to people’s levels. Also I’m sure everyone will feel comfortable in your camp.

Tosa Nehikhuere
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You got: Nathaniel Chohrach

Guess who it is? Mr. Frat Nat, you are the mother like frat brother that every BYX boi needs in his life. You probably own an iron and stress clean as well, hopefully your roommate is cleaner though. Well you probably pack your lunch in tuboware every day #domesticated. You might just be America’s Next Top J. Crews Model. Your camp will be a well oiled machine based on amazingly extra pre planning. You must love all your friends and do a great job keeping up with their lives.

Nathaniel Chohrach
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You got: Abby Price

WOW it is the Session One VOICE!! You must be so musically talented that you could sing at a coffee shop at a random school night. Jokes you are actually so talented. Your coffee tastes are impeccable just like how you always wear sweaters. But for real, you always are so easy going and fun to spend time with. You speak words of encouragement and wisdom to everyone in your life. Keep pushing people to God.

Abby Price
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You got: Stephen Clines

Is my left arm twitching or did you just get the strongest left handed person I know?! The Meme King, no one can even compare to how up to date your meme knowledge is. Also man you must have a FIRE twitter account that is inspiring social change. Your camp will have an amazing time just hanging out and laughing at one another. Your passion for the Cubs, Astros, Dodgers, Rockets, New York, and at least five more teams is inspiring. But on the real, you are a very real and vulnerable person who will constantly push others to find truth in scripture. You must really love God and be missional in all aspects of your life.

Stephen Clines
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You got: Calli McMurray

Oh snap, did you take this quiz in the middle of your latest outdoor excursion? You are so granola, birds have tried to eat you. Your hairbands, stickers, and socks inspire jealousy among all. But on the real, your intentional pursuit of your friends is obvious. You are always messaging in groupmes asking to hang out and tag along with others. You seize every opportunity to show God's love to everyone you meet and you might also offer free bagels to others at an alarming rate. Also props to you for handling your pair.

Calli McMurray
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You got: Sarah Siddiqui

Ms. Darklipstick, long eye tail, Queen B of the group. You do not take crap from anyone. You have a spiritual gift of calling people out but also of attending every BYX date event. You are so sassy, it's confusing for your friends to know how serious your insults are. Also you have the toughest pairing so God might be mad at you. But truthfully, God has given you a servants heart. You speak with spiritually inspired advice for all that ask for your help. Also you intentionally pursue others. Thanks for being an awesome pair. Then again, you probably stink at responding to texts.

Sarah Siddiqui
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You got: Blake Berry

Stangs, Must be awesome being a Memorial High School Basketball Legend. You were touched by God in your right arm with a basketball stroke so sweet Steph tweets at you. What's higher your 3 point percentage or attendance record at date events?? You must struggle being such a popular guy. Though, you have a heart of Gold that is down to love and be there for everyone. You really do want the best for each and every person that you interact with. It's hard to find a friend as sweet as you.

Blake Berry
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You got: Clay Driggers

Robert Pattinson?? You must also be a celebrity who is too tied up with the latest twilight movie to take this quiz seriously. Or you might just be on your daily "naps" that just happen to last anytime that sunlight is out. Or you are so busy doing "favors" that you just can't think about yourself. But even if you are a vampire, you are a fun guy that is always willing to talk and listen to people. You never want the spotlight and are always pushing people ahead of yourselves. People love how you are so genuine and charismatic, keep loving God and loving others.

Clay Driggers
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You got: Kelly Pereboom

I guess you are an A1 dive who is literally the greatest of all time. If it were socially acceptable, you would probably get married in Chili's at 45th and Lamar because your love for food transcends everything else on this planet. You definetly have sassy moments but you always brighten people's day. When push comes to shove, you are a true sweetheart who shows the love of God in everything that she does. The real true sweetheart of Session 1.

Kelly Pereboom
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You got: Regan Brickman

Let's Go T-E-A-M!! It's the undisputed cheerleader of session 1!! People never doubt your enthusiasm. Never. But I bet people also blow up your phone because you got that bundt cake hook'up! I bet you plan on choreographing your camps dance because your moves sleigh**( only one known fatality from your dance moves.) People love your energy and your joy. Others never feel like time with you is wasted because you make everyone feel comfortable and loved. You find the most joy in serving people. You lovingly accept all of your pairs ideas despite their stupidity. Despite your ability to help others, you still need to work on fixing computers.

Regan Brickman
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You got: Caroline Go

Oh no, you better pack that pass up!! It is the comedic below reproach t-shirt wearing girl of the bunch. Goodness gracious, you are the most competitive person on the volleyball court and frisbee field. You have such a unique spit pattern, boys better be on the look out. However you love each and every person and make it your mission to try and include each and everyone into the fun. People love it when you try and get others together. Others love it when are having fun so keep being the contagious bundle of joy. But also think about your t shirts gurl.

Caroline Go
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