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    19 Things That Happen To Tall Girls All The Time


    1. Someone telling you that you're tall. WHO KNEW???

    2. Trying to find pants that aren't capris.

    3. Having to get super creative with your camera angles to be able to fit your entire body in a selfie.

    4. Oh, and trying to sit literally anywhere without hitting your knees.

    5. But ESPECIALLY airplanes. Those damn airplanes.

    6. Attempting to be on style by purchasing distressed jeans, except the knee hole is always on your thigh.

    7. Forcing your parts into a romper that is just pulling everything up toward the sky.

    8. Or trying to rock any sort of body suit. ARE THESE MADE FOR ANTS??

    9. Dreaming of buying the highest of heels but wondering how many times you might hit your head.

    10. Not being able to fit your entire body into a single picture.

    11. Trying to take a relaxing bath, but your feet never fit, so your toes just have to stay stressed out.

    12. Having to follow the same dress code as everyone else even though your legs are approximately three feet longer.

    13. Sitting next to your friends and realizing how short they are.

    14. Or, you know, standing next to anyone less than 5'9.

    15. Trying to use the public restroom while also making eye contact with anyone outside of your stall.

    16. Figuring out if you actually like someone, or just like their height.

    17. Trying to decide which pair of flats you will wear at any given moment.

    18. Automatically bending your neck anytime you enter a room just in case.

    19. And, of course, people thinking that you're blocking their view. If only they would realize that you are the view.