17 Of The Worst Things Your Roommate Could Do

Not replace the toilet paper.

1. Put a practically empty carton of milk or juice BACK IN THE FRIDGE.


F*ck you.

2. Not replace the toilet paper, or put the roll on top like this.


3. Leave dirty dishes all over the house.

Columbia Pictures / Via fyeahgis.tumblr.com

It’s cool if you like being messy, but you don’t live alone.

4. Eat your food.

Paramount Pictures / Via funnyjunk.com

Did you pay for that?

5. Forget to turn the lights off when they leave.

You wanna pay 75% of the electric bill?

6. Have sex loudly.

I curse the day you were born.

7. Cook smelly food.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via s963.photobucket.com

Three cans of Febreze and I can still smell it.

8. Artistically place trash in the trashcan instead of just taking out the trash.

NBC / Via glee.wikia.com

Just walk outside. Please.

9. Leave passive-aggressive notes.

Just talk to me.

10. Spill things and “forget” to wipe it up.

Why are my feet sticking to the floor?

11. Leave clothes in the washer/dryer for days at a time.

Here, I folded your clothes for you…again.

12. Mess with the thermostat.

If you’re cold, put on a freaking sweatshirt.

13. Leave shoes all over the house.

I almost died last night while tripping over your shoes.

14. Have food explode in the microwave and not bother to clean it up.

Yeah, no, it’s fine…

15. Take an incredibly long shower.

Netflix / Via elitedaily.com

What are you DOING in there?!

16. Leave hair all over the sink or in the shower drain.


17. Not flush the toilet.

Oh hell no. I will never like someone that much.

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