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Posted on May 23, 2014

22 Things Competitive People Know To Be True

I'm sorry for how I acted when I was losing.

1. Game night usually ends badly...because of you.

2. As do pickup games.

3. Fundraising can easily get out of control.

4. Class projects make you go slowly insane because you can't stand relying on others to do well.

5. And joining your company team is a huge gamble.

6. Even trivia night can quickly become your worst nightmare.

7. When someone is working out next to you at the gym, things get intense.

8. Signing up for a marathon means you don't sleep for weeks.

9. Being on a team with a bunch of people that aren't competitive is actually your worst nightmare.

10. A debate in class was always your favorite day but your classmates were legitimately upset if they had to debate against you.

11. Playing any kind of sports against your friends is NEVER a good idea.

12. In fact, you try to avoid competing against anyone you like because you are worried about how it might end.

13. Watching your favorite team and knowing you can do NOTHING to help them win is enough to destroy you.

14. It takes you longer than most to "move on" from a loss.

15. It's difficult for you to "take it easy" on anyone, even children.

16. Things like Easter egg hunts get out of hand.

17. You always had to know everyone's grades, not just your own.

18. You have been in legitimate fights about who called "shotgun" first.

19. It's difficult to participate in a casual game of rock, paper, scissors.

20. You refuse to participate in any activity where you know you will lose.

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Oh, did you say you're playing soccer? I think my throat hurts...

21. Every moment turns into a competition and you can't even help it.

22. And you know no matter how much you love'll always hate losing more.

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