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What's The Best Dessert That You've Ever Had In Your Life?

*starts drooling preemptively*

Alright, you guys know the deal. DESSERTS. SUGAR. We love them, we want them, and we wanna know where you're getting them.

Maybe you had a mind-blowing milkshake at a place in your hometown and you haven't stopped thinking about it since.

Or maybe it was a piece of pie while on vacation that makes your mouth drool just *thinking* about it.

Or maybe it was the best piece of cake you have ever had in your damn life.

We're honestly dying to know, so if you think you've had some of the best dessert this world has to offer, let us know where you got it and why it's so damn good.

Or upload a picture of the dessert via the Dropbox below!

As always, the best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!