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What Do You Want To Know About Being An Adult Entertainer?

Sex work is work.

Meet Chessie Rae! Chessie is an amateur Pornstar and Adult Entertainer who has thousands of subscribers on OnlyFans and over 441K subscribers on Pornhub.

Chessie has been kind enough to agree to answer some user-submitted questions that people may have for her and/or her profession.

Maybe you want to know what Chessie wishes the average person understood about sex work a little better, or common misconceptions people might have about this industry.

Or maybe you wanna know what an adult entertainer like Chessie does when they're on their period but are scheduled to work.

Or maybe you're curious about how Chessie got started in this business originally and her best and worst experiences in the industry so far.

Or maybe you wanna know some behind-the-scenes tidbits of the financial aspect of it.

Whatever the question is — Chessie is here to answer them! So leave your question in the comments below or you can submit your question(s) to this form here if you prefer a more anonymous approach!

Some of the responses will be included in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!