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What Twentysomethings Say Vs. What They Actually Mean

One time I grew into an adult and it sucked.

"I'm a total wino." — I buy the two-buck chuck at Trader Joe's.

"We're talking." — We texted for more than an hour yesterday.

"I'm the social media expert at work." — I have the Twitter password.

"I don't mind my job, but I'm not sure I see myself there long term." — I fucking hate my job.

"I'm so old." — I went to bed at 9 p.m. one time.

"I really need a night in." — I can't stop watching this show on Netflix.

"I'm so broke." — I can't afford the clothes I want after going to the bars last weekend.

"I'm taking a break from social media." — I haven't been on Facebook in a day.

"I'm really into cooking." — I made mac 'n' cheese last night.

"I went grocery shopping." — I bought some Oreos, wine, and cheese.

"I would LOVE to be in your wedding." — Are you going to pay for this shit?

"Everyone is getting married and I'm just getting more awesome!" — I AM SO ALONE.

"How's the wedding planning going?" — Is there going to be an open bar or not?

"I need a vacation." — I really want to get drunk on a beach.

"I'm dating around." — I had four matches on Tinder.

"We should really get coffee sometime." — I hope we never get coffee.

"I have commitment issues." — I don't have a boyfriend but I have my wedding planned out on Pinterest.

"I just haven't found anyone that cool yet." — I'm waiting for my favorite Twitter celebrity to notice my favs.

"I feel like Girls isn't that accurate." — I am terrified at how accurate it is.

"I really need to clean this weekend." — I'm out of underwear so I should do some laundry.

"Congratulations on the pregnancy!" — Thank god that's not me.

"I'm having a mid-life crisis." — My student loans have started coming in.

"OMG I cannot function without coffee." — I have a social life that makes me tired, OK?

"I'm soul-searching." — I can't find a job.

"I'm just not into labels." — I don't know what we are so I'm just going to avoid the question.

"I'm really trying to take better care of myself." — I went to one yoga class.

"I think I'm an adult now." — Holy shit, does someone have a manual for this? I have no idea what I am doing.