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17 Times Wendy's Failed So Hard It Won

Wendy, fix this.

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1. Just the right amount of everything!

2. I'll have an exploding baked potato please.

bdub_158 / Via

3. Who needs filling anyway?

4. Mmmmm...paper!

michawolf3 / Via

5. I love me a good sad salad!

6. Lettuce-wrapped, please, but ignore the "wrap" part.

7. A burger without the burger is honestly so tasty.

8. When I say "plain," I mean PLAIN!

monkeysloveadrie / Via

9. But of course who's to define what plain actually means?

10. This might have a little too much ketchup.

megbennett77 / Via

11. Totally worth the $2.89.

12. Every part of the tomato is worthy. Every. Part.

kinetix92 / Via

13. Out of green lettuce? No problem, brown is fine.

jchwifey / Via

14. On the side? Nah, just put 'em up top.

michisama808 / Via

15. I'll have what's in THAT photo.

jrthefreak / Via

16. What a pleasant surprise!

17. And finally, why have two buns when you can have THREE?