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What Do You Actually Do When Sexting With Someone?

Whether in quarantine or not, it's time to step up our sexting game.

Sexting! It can be amazing, but it can also be — at times! — confusing. Each of us has our own preferences for what does (or doesn't) make for the best sext ever.

So we're here today to find out once and for all: What do you do when sexting that ensures it's an absolutely euphoric experience for all involved?

Maybe you get pretty damn descriptive with your imagery...

...or maybe you think outside the box when sending pics.

Maybe you even incorporate video!

Or maybe you have the perfect song to listen to while all parties involved are going downtownnnnnnn.

Whatever it is, we wanna know about it! What are your tips for the best sexting of your life?

You can use the drop box below to tell us all the tips and tricks you've picked up. Some responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!