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23 Weird Ways BFFs Say "I Love You"

Your shirt would look better on me.

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1. Liking every single thing they do on social media.

It's a must.

2. Telling your BFF that you hate them because they're so pretty.

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I don't hate you because you're pretty, you're pretty because I hate you.

3. And taking their phone away so that they never text their ex.

This is what friends are for.

4. Telling them not to wear something because it looks bad.

Honesty = love.

5. And, of course, telling them that their shirt would look better on you.


6. Uploading a selfie of you two that only one of you likes, so you don't tag them in it.

Truly a sacrifice for your BFF.

7. Commenting on their new profile picture so that it shows up in more people's feeds.

THAT'S MY GIRL, SHE LOOKING HAWT. Everyone needs to see.

THAT'S MY GIRL, SHE LOOKING HAWT. Everyone needs to see.

8. Ordering more food than you can actually eat because you know your BFF will ask for a bite.

And a bite always turns into half the plate.

9. And refusing to talk about their ex even when someone else brings it up.



10. Laughing at your BFF's jokes even when you both know they aren't that funny.

FOX / Via

"Ask me if I'm a tree."

Are you a tree?



11. Telling your BFF when they have food in their teeth.

And lipstick on their teeth, and when they have bad breath, and when they have a booger.

12. Holding back their hair when they puke after too many shots at the bar.

The ultimate act of love.

13. Showing up at each other's houses unannounced with a bottle of wine.


The most romantic thing you could ever do for your BFF.

14. Snapchatting each other during your most unflattering times.

And it's because they basically always think you're gorgeous.

15. Poking each other a ridiculous number of times on Facebook.

You just want them to know you're thinking of them!

16. Making each other into memes.

What the heck else are you supposed to do in your free time???

17. Letting them act absolutely INSANE when they have a crush, and not calling them out on how crazy they are being.


You aren't CRAZY...just a little weird...but it's totally charming.

18. Texting each other while sitting on the toilet.

💩 💩

19. Insulting each other with every name in the book.


Terms of endearment! Xoxo.

20. And leaving voicemails even though you know they'll see your missed call.


It's a BFF's right to leave a voicemail.

21. Texting each other a full stream of consciousness with no second thoughts.

You need to know every single thought I've ever had.

22. Stalking an alarming number of people on social media while sitting next to each other.

The friends that stalk together stay together.

23. And giving each other a single look that somehow says everything you need it to say without using words.

Apatow Productions

👯 👯

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