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21 Weird Things All BFFs Do

Text each other when you're in the same room.

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2. Test out tweets on each other to see whether or not they're actually funny.



8. Give each other incredibly weird nicknames that make no sense to anyone but you.

Love you, Chicken.


12. Create your own emoji language that is not translatable for anyone but you two.

Good luck trying to figure out what we mean!


13. Create a secret sign or word to make sure you're always telling the truth.


15. Talk to each other's parents almost as much as you talk to your own.

They're family!


17. Go to each other's houses when they aren't even there.

You have a key.

19. Know exactly what each other looks like naked, down to the size of boobs.

It's part of being a BFF.

20. Talk about literally nothing and everything all at the same time.

21. And FaceTime ten minutes after you leave each other's house because you miss each other already.