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    We Tried Cannabis Products For Our Period Pain And They Actually Helped

    Fifty percent of the population has period pain. Whoopi Goldberg is doing her best to help stop it.

    Earlier this year, it was announced that Whoopi Goldberg was partnering with Maya Elisabeth to launch a line of cannabis medical products, aptly called Whoopi&Maya, designed specifically to ease women's menstrual pain.

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    The products consist of tinctures, bath salts, a body rub, and a cacao edible. None of them are designed to make you mentally high. They are designed to give you a body high which contributes to pain relief.

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    To give you a bit more background, here's a lowdown on the products we were going to test out.

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    RELAX: The tinctures (Relax) infuses elderberries, cramp bark, coupled with red raspberry, motherwort, and passionflower. It then adds in raw, organic, unfiltered honey and approximately 100mg of THC per 1 oz. You use it by just dropping a couple of drops in your drink!

    SOAK: The bath soaks combine epsom salt, apricot kernel oil, avocado seed oil, sun grown cannabis, jojoba oil, vitamin e, aloe vera, and essential oils. Used by combining with warm water in a bathtub.

    SAVOR: The edible cacao treat is comprised of organic raw cacao butter, organic raw cacao powder, organic coconut oil, organic raw agave, sun grown cannabis, sea salt. There are approximately 50 mg of THC for every 2 oz. Can be enjoyed by spoonful, or combined with milk to create a hot cocoa type drink.

    RUB: The body balm is made up of a combination of olive oil, avocado seed oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, sun grown cannabis flowers, St John's Wort, cramp bark, white willow bark, chamomile and essential oils. It also contains approximately 50 mg THC per 4 oz. It is used by literally just rubbing onto your skin with your hand.

    Before we got started, we were lucky enough to be able to chat with Whoopi Goldberg herself about her business.

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    Whoopi told BuzzFeed that she decided to create these products after being told that no one else had because it was a "niche market." She thought this was a bit odd, considering that half the population suffers from period pain. So she created them anyway.

    Whoopi told BuzzFeed, "You know, if a guy had these cramps, if a guy had this issue, there would be all kinds of shit out there for them. This was done in order to find a way to relieve cramps. So please, try it. If it works for you, tell a friend. If it doesn't work for you — not to worry — we'll continue to try and create something that may."

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    So we did just that — we tried them.

    Meet Sam who is long-time sufferer of PMDD, and absolutely no stranger to the effect that hormones can have on someone's life.

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    Sam's thoughts going into this experience: I have PMDD which isn't your average PMS. It's extreme mood swings that cause me to outburst and sometimes not be able to leave bed. It greatly affects my life. So when I heard about Whoopi's products and how they could potentially help me feel at ease, of course I wanted to try them. Who wouldn't?

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    Sam's thoughts overall: On a particularly rough emotional day, I ate a tablespoon of the cacao and was able to go CLOTHES SHOPPING. This was on a day where I would normally just want to sit on my couch, eat ice cream, and cry while watching Titanic. I bought crop tops! CROP TOPS! This felt like a huge victory to me. I had one outburst the next day while using the tincture, but only one outburst compared to my norm was another victory in my book. It was so easy to just drop it in my drink and go about my day, yet notice a huge change overall. These products allowed me to exist while helping me maintain my emotions. I definitely recommend trying them.

    And meet Lara, a woman with endometriosis and other medical conditions which cause her periods to be hell on earth.

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    Lara's thoughts going into this experience: Um. I'll try pretty much anything to get pain relief, especially around the time of my period. Normally I'm holed up in bed with a heating pad and I am a big advocate for medicinal marijuana use already. So when I read about products that don't require smoking but still use cannabis, I was like sign me the fuck up.

    Lara loved the rub and felt like the bath salt might've changed her life.

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    I used the rub and the bath salt primarily and I gotta say, it was a great experience. I didn't go in expecting these products to be a miracle, because I'm a realist. I was pleasantly surprised when they actually did make my period more comfortable. While neither of them erased my pain, they made it easier to deal with them on a daily basis. Rubbing the balm on my abdomen during a bad bloat and pain day made it feel like I was rubbing a warm heating pad with nice lotion all over it. Not a cure-all, but nothing I would ever complain about, either. And using the bath salt in the tub was like an out-of-body experience. I felt so at ease and relaxed even though I was in extreme emotional distress. These products aren't perfect yet, and the world still doesn't fully recognize the pain we women go through. But someday it will. And this is certainly a step in the right direction.

    If you're interested in trying out the Whoopi&Maya products, check to see if it's legal in your area here.