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    We Tried A Device To Get Rid Of Our Period Cramps And It Kind Of Worked

    It's time to Liv-ia our best lives while on our periods.

    Periods. They're the worst. You bloat, you break out, and you're in pain. Oh, and it happens every freaking month. But what if there was a device that turned off your period cramps? That's what Livia is trying to do.

    The device, which will be available worldwide in October, was created with help from Chen Nachum, the co-founder and CEO, who was inspired by his father's medical research into bedsores.

    So how does Livia work?

    BuzzFeed talked to Dr. Jen Gunter, OB/GYN and pain specialist, who gave us the rundown. Gunter explained that Livia seems to work as a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation unit (TENS unit), which does work for pain management. The idea is that the vibration from the device travels faster than pain, and the brain likes the signal it gets first. If you get a vibration signal, that will then shut the door to pain.

    We were curious if this device would work for us, so we tried it out.

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    There's Ali, who barely has cramps, but sometimes they can get a little annoying.

    Sheridan, who has intense cramps, and heavy bleeding.

    And Lara, who has endometriosis, and can't leave bed during her period.

    Going into this, none of us were quite sure how the device worked. But once we figured it out, we all had some thoughts about this little device.

    Ali wasn't impressed.

    Lara was shocked when it seemed to help her pain.

    And Sheridan was Team Livia all the way.

    Final thoughts: