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    This Is What Happens When You Try To Live According To Women's Magazines

    From workouts to fashion, we (tried) to do it all.

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    Like many of you, we grew up reading women's magazines and being influenced by them in one way or another.

    Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Vogue

    They have articles and ads that can tell you what to wear, how to eat, how to exercise, what makeup you should be wearing, what you're doing wrong, and especially what you should look like according to the pictures plastered on every other page.

    And quite frankly, it can be a little overwhelming and at times completely demoralizing.

    So the four of us — Kuwilileni, Sheridan, Chrissy, and Lara — decided to put ourselves to the test and live according to women's magazines for an entire week.


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    We gave ourselves four challenges for the week — do one of the workouts, copy a ~fashion or beauty~ look, get some great life advice, and re-do a high-fashion image with your own flair.


    Challenge 1: Complete a workout from one of the magazines.

    BuzzFeed Entertainment Group/ Kuwilileni

    Kuwilileni tried to break dance: I found working out at home was pretty difficult, because there was no one to explain the moves or offer tips and tricks. It's hard working out when no one is there to guide you and make sure you are posing correctly. Plus, it's lonely!

    Sheridan kept getting distracted: I hate working out in my apartment because I have the attention span of a toddler. I’ll be like, “OK, do some crunches, but wait there’s a TV and a couch…” This workout doesn’t look hard, mainly because it only shows static poses in the magazine (apparently muggle magazines have not caught up to Harry Potter’s standards) but it was actually hard AF. The pro of doing it at home was being able to take frequent breaks. And even with going at my own pace, I was sore DAYS afterwards.

    Chrissy's dog judged her: Considering I can't do handstands or push-ups, the "6" workouts I was supposed to do actually looked like 4 very sad, uncoordinated attempts at children's gymnastics on my lint-covered yoga mat while my dog licked his butthole and watched.

    And Lara didn't have the room for a full-on workout: OK first of all, I live in a tiny studio apartment. I barely have room to lie down on my floor, let alone to a goddamn breakdancing workout move. Second of all, my working out consists of hiking and/or yoga when I feel up to it. I have chronic pain, I'm tired enough as it is. I don't need to breakdance in my living room to have a better life. I'll leave this challenge behind, thanks.

    Challenge 2: Re-create a ~fashion~ or beauty look from one of the magazines.

    BuzzFeed Entertainment Group

    Kuwilileni's re-created a bold lip: I’m someone who takes a lot of pride in my unique and sometimes strange looks so I was at first wary of the magazines. I found though that there was a nice balance of everyday wear AND eccentric one of a kind looks. I rocked it.

    Sheridan re-created two-tone lipstick: I love lipstick, but it’s kind of a bitch to keep it up. So I decided to throw myself into it completely and try a two-toned lipstick look. Wearing one lip pink and one red felt weird at first but I got so many compliments! And since I’m a Leo, my heart only beats for compliments. I thought this was going to be such a high-maintanence look but it was just a simple way of adding a lil’ funk to my makeup routine.

    Chrissy re-created a plunge-y bodysuit combo: I wouldn't normally wear a bathing suit as part of an outfit and my nips could have fallen out at any moment but hey, at least I didn't have to buy anything to look cute!

    And Lara didn't re-create anything: OK, I gotta be honest. I completely failed for this one. I woke up late, I was tired, my stomach hurt, I'm lazy... You get the point. I didn't re-create anything. I didn't even brush my hair. It's hard to put effort into your look when your body is in constant pain. BUT with that being said — I'm gonna try fun eyeshadow colors this weekend, thanks Glamour!

    Challenge 3: Find some life advice in one of the magazines, and FOLLOW IT.

    BuzzFeed Entertainment Group / Lara Parker

    Kuwilileni was pleasantly surprised by the focus on women's issues: I was pleasantly surprised by the advice in many of the magazines. Yeah, there was a lot about beauty and boys, but there was also a myriad of advice that was geared towards women's issues. It was surprising to see, but also incredibly cool.

    Sheridan took some simple relationship advice to heart: I tend to not get relationship advice — I’ve been with my husband for four years, married for two (*knocks on wood*) but decided to see if there were any tips to “spice” it up. Not in the bedroom, because our parents are still alive and I’d die of embarrassment but just in our day-to-day relationship. Apparently, doing small things like giving him the remote or giving him snacks is a way to make him fall in love with me more. He was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t force him to watch Real Housewives but I want someone to give me the hour back of my life that I spent watching people play Dungeons and Dragons on YouTube.

    Chrissy was disappointed in the sex advice: I was hoping for some fun sex advice like "play yer dude's wiener like an overly-enthusiastic flute player," but instead it was just stuff about how to get your guy to do veryyy basic stuff like touch your boobs, and it actually made me sort of bummed out. Also gonna start praying for all the young women who are (apparently) getting jackhammered in bed. Here 4 u.

    And Lara was reminded once again that sex advice is not inclusive: A lot of the "life" advice or tips I kept seeing involved sex. And as a woman living with Vagina Problems, these tips don't apply to my life. And while that doesn't mean these tips shouldn't exist — it means that there is a lack of inclusivity for people who cannot have sex in a "traditional" way. We certainly have a long way to go before someone of any sexuality can open a magazine and find something that applies to them.

    Challenge 4: Re-create an ad on your own Instagram.

    BuzzFeed Entertainment Group/ Chrissy Mahlmeister, Lara Parker

    Kuwilileni's re-created a portrait from Essence : Posing like a model when you aren’t one feels a bit vain, but why shouldn’t we commemorate our looks and style with a photograph every once in a while? Would do again. I think in the future I will start looking at magazines more for inspiration, with the idea in mind that its merely motivational and not realistic. It makes it so much more fun.

    Sheridan re-created a look from Glamour: I kiiiiind of hate taking photos, just because you feel like a tool when you have to model for anything. And everyone knows the truly cool people aren’t desperate for “likes” — they just haaaaappen to come to them. Once I got over my insecurity, it was interesting to pretend to be someone who enjoys taking photos. This alter ego is here to stay.

    Chrissy went pink for another Glamour look: Sadly, it took me HOURS to look like I'm nonchalantly leaning against a goddamn door in a seasonally-confused outfit, but nothing made me more painfully aware of how much pink shit I buy than putting this ensemble together. Honestly, I'm v into this vag-inspired look.

    And Lara ate a bag of chips for FASHION in Vogue: This was actually so fun!! It doesn't look nearly as chic when I do it, but it was such a fun experience to try and pose like the ads I'm constantly seeing in magazines. Did I nail the look? Absolutely not. But I had fun doing it.

    All in all, trying to live according to women's magazines for a week was hard, exhausting, and tedious. But it was also fun and gave us hope for the future of women. We rock. 👑

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