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We Do Not Deserve Lip From "Shameless"

I <3 u Lip.

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Hello everyone, today we're going to talk about the brilliant TV show that is Shameless. If you have not seen it, fix this. If you have, then let's continue.

Since 2011 we have been blessed with the TV show Shameless. It makes us laugh, it makes us cry. But most importantly, it gives us (Phil)Lip Gallagher.

Showtime/ my hand in photoshop

Lip is the oldest brother in the Gallagher family and is kind of a rebel, but is wicked smart, and wears funny shirts...and honestly if you aren't already swooning you are a better person than I.


Hello Lip, I like your shirt.

Lip is one of the best parts of the show for a myriad of reasons but a lot of them involve his looks. (Sorry.) Let's look at some evidence...

Exhibit A: This facial expression and the way he taps his pencil. It reminds us that Lip is effortlessly smart and lacks motivation. It makes us want to be that motivation.


Exhibit B: Lip with his kid brother.

My ovaries = 💥 💥 🆘

Exhibit C: *clears throat* That is all.


Lip smokes a lot which like...can you not? But also, I want to be that cigarette?


Also, this smile.

Basically, Lip is the best. That's what I'm getting at here.


And lest we forget that Lip is played by Jeremy Allen White who, when he finally joined Instagram, made his username "jeremyallenwhitefinally."

Instagram: @jeremyallenwhitefinally


So basically, if you don't think Lip is one of the best parts of Shameless...


Just kidding! (Kinda.)

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