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    We Made Food Using Chrissy Teigen's Newest Cookbook To See If It Was Worth It


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    Hello people of the world — Lara and Farrah here — and we are two people who like to eat food in the presence of one another. We also enjoy Chrissy Teigen. So naturally when the two of these things combined in the form of Chrissy's new cookbook Cravings: Hungry for More, we got our hands on the cookbook, chose some recipes we wanted to try, and got our asses to our local grocery store to get started making some of the recipes stat.

    Lara Parker, Via © 2018 by Aubrie Pick

    To be honest, it was a little hard to decide which recipes to make but we settled on the following:

    1. The Everything Bagel Cream Cheese Breakfast Bake

    2. Taters, Shrooms, and Peas with Parmesan Cheese

    3. Pad Thai Carbonara

    4. Shake ‘n’ Bake Chicken

    5. Twitter's ~Famous~ Banana Bread

    First up: Shake 'n' Bake Chicken

    Farrah Penn

    I mean. We had to make the chicken dish. Obviously. We were a little surprised at first by how much seasoning and spices went into creating these drumsticks, but (SPOILER ALERT) once we tasted the chicken, it made sense.

    When we pulled these babies out of the oven, we knew our lives were about to be changed in some way. Even if just for a few minutes. The cookbook also includes a bonus recipe for hot honey to eat with the chicken. It is literally just honey and pepper flakes, but it is so good.

    Farrah Penn

    Farrah's thoughts on the chicken: When I was little, I used to dip chicken nuggets from Burger King into honey. This is basically the adult version of that, and my tastebuds loved every single bite. There are quite a few spices that go into the breading, but when you start nommin' down you realize that it's SO flavorful!

    Lara's thoughts on the chicken: It's fucking delicious. Eat it with the hot honey. Live your life.

    Also, we did our best to re-create the picture Chrissy has in the cookbook with her chicken, you're welcome.

    Farrah Penn, © 2018 by Aubrie Pick

    Next it was time for the Everything Bagel Cream Cheese Breakfast Bake:

    Farrah Penn

    This thing was a massive undertaking. Mostly because we failed the reading comprehension test of using this cookbook and overlooked the part about it needing to sit in a refrigerator for some time between two and eight hours. Other than that, it has it all (egg, bagels, cheese, some veggies) and it was mostly easy to put together, all while somehow managing to include FOUR different types of cheese. 👅

    A mere three and a half hours after we began this journey, we pulled the bake out of the oven and were pleasantly surprised to find that the egg had formed, the cheese had melted, and our three-day old everything bagel chunks were crispy as hell.

    Farrah Penn

    Farrah's thoughts on this recipe: This recipe was kinda genius. I've never tasted a bake that used bagels IN the casserole, and it was delicious. If you're looking to serve up a fancy brunch to impress your family and friends, make this. Keep in mind this serves eight, so if you're only looking to feed yourself or another person it'd be a good idea to quarter the recipe!

    Lara's thoughts on this recipe: Did I enjoy eating this? Yes. Would I make it again? Absolutely not. I love breakfast, and hi Chrissy I ❤️you, but I would never again spend hours of my life waiting for an EGG dish. However, if someone wants to make this and invite me over, I'll, like, be there.

    OK, it's time to continue this journey with the Pad Thai Carbonara:

    Farrah Penn

    This only took us 40 minutes and it was incredibly tasty. We even made some subs — like turkey bacon instead of regular bacon, and coconut aminos instead of soy sauce — and we don't think the taste was affected. 10/10 would absolutely make again.

    Look, we know ours isn't as pretty, but we promise it tasted like a dream.

    Farrah Penn, © 2018 by Aubrie Pick

    Farrah's thoughts on this recipe: I love Thai. I love carbonara. But TOGETHER? I didn't know what to expect. However, this ended up being my favorite recipe! The creaminess of the eggs went perfectly with the sauce that we topped on the noodles, bacon, and veggies. Plus, it gets points for being fairly easy to make! Chrissy freakin' hit this one out of the park.

    Lara's thoughts on this recipe: We should combine Italian and Thai food more often. I would absolutely make this again. And also turkey bacon > regular bacon. The end.

    Now it's time for Taters, Shrooms, and Peas with Parmesan Cheese:

    Lara Parker

    Supposedly this is a side dish, but we would eat it at absolutely any time of the day. It is so good that we literally forgot to take more pictures of it and just immediately ate it. Sorry.

    But here is another picture of it, this time with a spoon added. This dish is incredibly creamy so if you're lactose intolerant, we are truly sorry.

    Lara Parker

    Farrah's thoughts on this recipe: OK, while I understand dumping heavy cream and cheese on vegetables isn’t the most HEALTHY way to consume veggies, it’s now the ONLY way I want to consume vegetables. The parmesan and creamy sauce was savory, salty, and AMAZING.

    Lara's thoughts on this recipe: I no longer care about anything besides this dish. I thought I didn't like potatoes, I didn't think I was a fan of creamy-cheese things. I was wrong. I was so, so wrong.

    And for the grand finale...the Twitter Famous Banana Bread:

    Lara Parker

    We were excited about this recipe above all others because 1) it's banana bread... duh and 2) we remember the great banana bread Twitter fiasco of 2017. Please, please look at those chunks of dark chocolate. Then observe the perfect symmetry of the round bread. We know it's mostly thanks to the bundt pan thing, but whatever, it's still beautiful. And we made that.

    This recipe was mostly easy, outside of needing to acquire a bundt pan. Good news: my co-worker owned one. Bad news: I'm still not sure whether it's bundt or bunt.

    Lara Parker

    Moving on. We did our best to re-create this arty photo of the banana bread, and we're proud of that.

    Lara Parker, © 2018 by Aubrie Pick

    Farrah's thoughts on this recipe: THE TWITTER FAMOUS BANANA BREAD. There was no way we could NOT make this. It was surprisingly easy! And I’m the type of person who usually makes cake from a box. Chrissy said it took her almost a year to perfect this, but perfect it she did. It was the right balance of moist and decadent and delicious. SO GOOD.

    Lara's thoughts on this recipe: I woke up in the middle of the night last night, went into my kitchen, and ate four pieces of this. It's really fucking good.

    All in all, to literally no one's surprise, these recipes are goooooood. We mean, goooood. Even the bagel breakfast bake that took 3.5 hours of our lives.

    We look forward to making more of these recipes in the future. In the meantime, our ABSOLUTE must-make recipes are the Taters, Shrooms, and Peas with Parmesan Cheese and the Twitter Famous Banana Bread. But who are we kidding — make them all.

    And get your own copy of Cravings: Hungry for More ($17.99) now.

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