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    Volcano Explodes In Indonesia, Killing Three

    The eruption also forced 75,000 residents to evacuate their homes. This is one of several volcanic eruptions in Indonesia so far this year.

    An explosive volcano erupted on Indonesia's most populated island on Feb. 13, killing three people and causing evacuation for over 75,000 residents.

    AP Photo/Trisnadi

    Mount Kelud erupts, as seen from the village of Anyar in Blitar, East Java, Indonesia.

    So far, seven airports have been closed, stranding thousands of passengers.

    Dwi Oblo / Reuters

    Ash from Mount Kelud covers a Garuda Indonesia airplane at Adisucipto International Airport in Yogyakarta.

    The eruption sent ash and sand 10–12 miles into the air.

    AP Photo

    Volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Kelud covers motor bikes in Kediri, East Java, Indonesia.

    Ash was seen raining down 180 miles away in Yogyakarta.

    Robert Schrader /

    Many residents walked around with face masks and umbrellas in an effort to shield themselves from the ash.

    This isn't the first time Indonesia has experienced volcanic eruptions this year. Just last month, Mount Sinabung in Indonesia erupted over 220 times in one week, causing thousands of evacuations.

    AP Photo

    Villagers sleep at a temporary shelter after they were evacuated from their homes on the slopes of Mount Kelud in Kediri, East Java, Indonesia.

    And the eruption of Kawah Ijen in January of this year was accompanied by hauntingly blue lava and flames.


    Blue sulfur flames at the Kawah Ijen volcano in East Java.

    Indonesia is part of the "Pacific Ring of Fire," an area of colliding tectonic plates.

    AP Photo/ Hafidz Novalsyah

    Villagers covering their faces from volcanic ash following Mount Kelud's eruption in Solo, Indonesia.

    Additional smaller eruptions are a possibility in the next few days.

    Stringer/Indonesia / Reuters

    A man covers his face while riding a bicycle on a road covered with ash from Mount Kelud in Solo.

    The last time Mount Kelud erupted was in 2007.

    Robert Schrader /

    Villagers in the nearby Yogyakarta brave the ash on their daily commute.

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