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Valentine's Day On Instagram Vs. Reality

Give me a giant teddy bear so I know it's real.

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Candy hearts on Instagram: Pretty pastel pieces of joy.

Valentine's Day cookies on Instagram: Perfect Pinterest creations.

Receiving Valentine's Day flowers on Instagram: Stunning bouquet of fresh flowers.

Valentine's Day party on Instagram: Fun V-Day themed snacks and drinks.

A Valentine card exchange on Instagram: Beautiful, classy cards handpicked from Etsy.

Love notes on Instagram: Sweet words that will make you melt.

Receiving a giant teddy bear on Valentine's Day on Instagram: A magical bonding between you and your giant cuddle friend.

Having a reservation for Valentine's Day dinner on Instagram: A nice, fancy restaurant that might require a dress.

Doing your nails for Valentine's Day on Instagram: Pink, red, SPARKLES!

A box of chocolates for Valentine's Day on Instagram: A beautiful display before you devour the chocolatey sweetness.

Valentine's Day stuffed animal on Instagram: A cute animal that shows how much someone cares.

Valentine's Day dinner on Instagram: Only the best foods.

Couples hanging out on Valentine's Day on Instagram: All hugs, kisses, and smiles!

Valentine's Day dessert on Instagram: A sweet creation that looks even better with a filter.

Valentine's Day texts from your love on Instagram: Declarations of love and admiration.